editor's notes

Today we introduce you Ailadi Cortelletti.

Designer, interaction designer, illustrator, artist, traveler, correspondent of this mag + lots of other (fairly fascinating things).

She was born in the Alps, studied in Milan, then some time at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Shanghai, some other places we forgot. Currently living (and drawing and making beautiful animation) in Hong Kong.

Her website is quite lovely, there you can find all kind of different works, animations, pixels, installations, visual thoughts, posters, commercial work.

If you want to dive into Ailadi’s magic world, the best thing to do is to follow her social media accounts. On Twitter she is @ailadi, and the same account is used on Instagram.

We enormously enjoyed her “1 year of daily GIF as journal” (very curious to see what’s next), and we end this note with a quote from her side: “I love anything that makes eyes flirt with the mind”.